About Agradut Polly Unnayan Samity

The obscure village likes Gaja in Udaynarayanpur Block of District Howrah, before twenty-three year ego could not belief to have transition from dark patches of agony to the silver lining of ecstasy. The life in Gaja and surrounding villages was as usually hollow and blunt without no or with negligible development initiative, situated between two tributaries of river Ganges, river Mundeswari and river Damodar, Gaja and surrounding villages at the border of District Howrah and Hooghly have been experiencing the devastation of water over flowing the farming land in the rainy season. The two rivers as known as insane river and “Sorrow of Bengal” have brought curse of uncertainity and bleak survivable conditions for the people. To combat maligned situation in the villages, a group of young and educated youth, inspired by the teachings of Bengal’s illuminated revolutionaries, reformers and freedom fighters decided to organize people under the prophecy a development umbrella, Agradut Polly Unnayan Samity was born in the village Gaja of Udaynarayanpur Block District Howrah taking representatives from surrounding villages into it’s executive committee in the initial month of November, 1984.

Through the organization started working with the people mostly by offering relief and support measures at times of disasters and acute scarcity, the vision and organizational mission evolved through years of experience in the people, the organization realized that the best way of ensuring sustained development is not by reaching relief but by ensuing relief from relief. The last decade of the previous millennium saw a marked change in the organizational philosophy. Adjustments were made in the programs and projects with organization slowly assuming the role of facilitator than being implementers of the change.


Vision :

Set up an egalitarian society through pragmatic need based measures.


Mission :

Minimize the gap between haves and have-nots by facilitating a process of peoples movement and improve upon the knowledge awareness and practice of have-nots for keeping a balance between economic regenerations and social development.

Our Activities

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