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Self help group- effective root of women empowerment

It is on realization that individual approach is not at all in every sense. Vision is now shared and collective vision is also appreciated. Similarly, individual ability has a limit which is easily crossed by a group as the skill, efficiency and affordability of the group is always high value. It has got enough momentum and is steadily in the process of following the context and earlier experience APUS continued the SHG program with the village women, in depth evaluation and emerging socio-economic and cultural scenario. The rapport building with the communities, interpersonal communication, need assessment through PLA is highly appreciated to APUS. To promote and empowered peoples organization, a series of meetings and camps were held to remembered the SHG members.

Seminar on vermin compost and rehabilitation of soil health

The programme under taken has benefited 200 nos of farmers in raising their income level to lead a reasonable and healthy livelihood. The paradigm of the project reflected grater participations of the beneficiaries in the planning process and need assessment. The project also stressed the need of Gender equality and thus women of farmers and fishermen families have been incorporated in great way. Result of which has culminated into group formations with self-reliance destiny. Awareness Programme of 10 villages to make vermin compost and again use of chemical fertilizers and manure has caused much cost to the fertility of land in recent years. Hence the farmers have been trained using vermin compost and soil testing methodology.

Legal Awareness Camp for Women

Women form more than half of the adult population in India and many are suffering injustices, discrimination and abuse. For example, on the death of husband, while the widow is mourning, relatives of the deceased quickly remove and take as their own most of the personal and household property, leaving her and the children almost destitute. Many women frequently suffer physical abuse, thousands more are denied access to their children after being removed from the matrimonial home. Women need legal education to equip them both with the substantive law and the procedural law so that they can seek redress without necessarily going through an advocate, whose fee many cannot afford.

Though, legally and constitutionally, all women have equal access to and right to venture in every walk of life, a vast majority of them are still illiterate and uneducated. This is a paradoxical situation, which must be understood and seen in its historical perspective.

Two-days Two Number of awareness camp was organized with the association of ‘National Commission for women’ at Manbazar-I Block of Purulia District to educate women focus on law and gender inequality: the politics of women's rights in India; child marriages; dowries; Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace, Rights of women etc.

Legal Aid Clinic

To inputs for amelioration of women came forward to ask varied questions regarding their legal rights development works at village level. Keeping the view of rural folk it is facilitate to hold the village level legal awareness and discussion of women rights, dowry system, witch craft, women atrocities, domestic violence and other rights and entitlements by the facilitator lawyer has opened new avenues of knowledge and information among women community at grassroots. A Legal Aid Clinic run by the organization at Udaynarayanpur with the association of District Legal Service Authority(DLSA), Howrah to strengthen the empowerment process by the way of exploring women laid down in the Government Rules and Policies.


Swachh Bharat Mission Gramin

Agradut Polly Unnayan Samity has been approved by Swachh Bharat Mission(Gramin), Nirmal Bangla Abhiyan District Cell, Hooghly Zila Parishad to implement the various programme under Swachh Bharat Mission(G) under Khanakul-II Panchayet Samity. As per work order the organization completed 60 nos(Sixty) Family Sanitation and construction of Six Toilet Blocks in Educational Institution under School Sanitation Programme . An awareness Generation programme has been organized for effective result of Swachh Bharat Mission and also distribution of Toilet Kits during the awareness programme.

Awareness Programme on HIV/STD

The Organization undertakes a number of innovative camps on awareness generation that range from atrocities against women to child labor and children’s rights to problems of country liquor. HIV/AIDS and many other locally relevant subjects, aimed at providing right and valuable information to the people. The Organization registered under West Bengal State AIDS Prevention and Control Society goal of reducing the burden of HIV/AIDS cases in the country since last five years at offering prevention and care services to populations with high risk behavior. To celebrate 1st December, ‘World AIDS Day’ a tinny awareness programme has been organized by our organization with the association of district Protection Officer, Howrah.

Rajiv Gandhi National Creche Programme

Women form SC Community, Minority and backward families are engaged in different occupation including agriculture, Jari Patch work, vegetable vending, fish vending, working in the others those as maid servant and often go to terms for work in different small scale industries. They cannot take care of the children while on work. Agradut Polly Unnayan Samity hence runs 4 Creche units at four villages of Udaynarayanpur Block Howrah district under Central Social Welfare Board for 0-6 year’s age group of Children of working mother get care, ford education health services recreations from this centre.


MICRO-INSURANCE & Health Insurance

This is a relatively new initiative, AGRADUT has been promoting as a social security, financial inclusion and preventive measure. Poor households are especially vulnerable to risk, in both the form of natural calamities as well as more regular occurrences of illnesses and accidents. Micro-finance institutions have played an active role in reducing and protecting them against such situations by providing credit for increasing income-earning opportunities; and by providing saving services to build up resource that can be utilized in cases of emergencies. As one of development interventions and as a social security measure, AGRADUT cover its clients in three major micro-insurance schemes.
Sl. No Name of the Scheme Collaborating Agency
1 Rajib Gandhi Shilpi Sasthya Bima Yojana D.C. Handicrafts
2 Weavers Health Insurance Directorate of Handloom & Textiles
3 Micro Insurance LICI
4 Janashree Bima Yojana D.C. Handicrafts


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